Sunday, April 25, 2010

Got A Product, Pitch It!

Does your company product exceptional products? Do you hand craft lavish items that you sell yourself? Are you a provider with a spectacular service you want a larger audience to be aware of? Perhaps, you are keen on what you see and wish to sponsor the website or request my attention for an affiliate position. Do not hesitate to contact me and inquire with regards to my expertise in helping to increase your marking profitability with professional product reviewing.
-Technology Related Products (all types)
-Health Products (all types)
-Beauty Products (all types)
-Products for the Woman (jewelry, apparel, make-up, perfume, etc)
-Eco Friendly Products (all types)
-Home Products (all types)
-Outdoor Patio Products (all types)
-Specificity Food Products (natural/organic, gluten free, fat free, etc)
-Food and Drink (all types)
-Chocolate, Cupcakes, or Sweet Treats
-Pizza and Easy Meals (all types)
-Diet Products (al types)
-Kitchen Products (all types)
-Pet Products (cat/dog)
-Frugal Deals (in conjunction to interests)
-Local Services (in conjunction to interests)
-Websites and Website Services (all types)
- Family-Friendly Products (all types)
-Organizational Items (all types)
-Travel and Getaway (featured reviews of hotel, airfare, car rentals etc)

~if your product is not listed here, please inquire within and we would be glad to consider your pitch..

~Items that are not needed for the home will be donated to needy families

~10% of any earnings, less hosting fees, are distributed to charities

Twenty-first century has rapidly changed the world of business. Life within a fast-paced technologically driven society often appears fairly intimidating to corporations and especially to small business owners as the methodology for sustainability has dramatically been altered by the consumer preference of mobilization and the Internet. Seemingly, infinite in its evolution the modern day globalized technological revolution holds a colossal impact on the way products are purchased; slowly print catalogs have lost their charm and became replaced by a much more accessible webpage. The successes of new media profitability have caused marketing executives and business owners to depart on a new journey, one that is ever changing.

Hollywood Chic operates to assist in the prominent increase of marketing profitability by driving traffic to your website, we spotlight your fantastic product(s) to a largely diverse target audience through professional product reviewing. Our professional reviews are written from a real consumer perspective to our continuously growing list of consumers with similar interests -- successfully reviewed and tested to increase interest. Our fair and balanced detailed reviews speak directly to your future buyers properly utilizing new media methods which we are deeply familiar with, due to our fervor for technology.

Hollywood Chic wishes only to assist your marketing profitability by providing new media attentiveness. We are highly interested in working with a large variety of companies and small businesses to provide an assortment of only the best to our viewers. Not your typical product reviewing site, Hollywood Chic would appreciate your consideration, as we are know and recognize the challenges of successful direct marketing -- our doors are always open to you as is are the offers of new media marketing profitability.

Hollywood Chic also works with extensive professionalism in the area of affiliate marketing, feverously determined to grow our business by offering the only best to our viewers we believe that this is a unique step in the proper direction. We are always interested in adding to our affiliate marketing placement to our website and would be most indebted to hear fresh proposals. Please do not hesitate to contact us, for affiliate marketing chances, at the information you see on this page; also listed below. 

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